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90 rue Professeur P. Milliez
94506 Champigny/Marne
Tel 00 33 1 72 87 97 90


Mastering remote management

PERAX automated remote management systems ensure the surveillance, running and remote management of your technical installations. Easy to use, the system allows the acquisition, processing and transmission of the data from your installations. The built-in software tools help the users easily to customize their application.
Data remote

Data remote management includes such functions as action, surveillance and maintenance. The operator dialogue design in the remote management products simplifies the utilisation by allowing the user to customize it...

  Data logging

The remote data logger is adapted to the constraints of isolated sites and powerless installations. Diagnostics and network sectorisation, remote meter reading or pressure reading, comsumption indicator and flow monitoring, leak detection...

  Monitoring software

Arlequin software runs under Windows and ensures the functions of the control center : the data remote and data logging operation systems. Graphic processing and alarm visualisation, curves...